• 1Madras RasamA,F,G,I,J3,20

    Red indian lentils soup

  • 3Sabzi SuppeA,F,G,I,J3,20

    Indian vegetable soup

  • 4Murgh SuppeA,F,G,I,J3,90

    Indian chicken soup

  • 5Kashmiri SuppeA,F,G,I,J3,90

    Indian almond creme soup

  • 6Sauer-Scharf-SuppeA,B,C,D,F,G,I,J4,90

    Sweet and sour soup with different kinds of meat

  • 7Mango SuppeA,F,G,I,J4,90

    Exotic mango cream soup

  • 8Scampi-Coco4,90

    Coconut-soup with prawns, fresh basil, lemongrass, ginger


  • 11Salat der Saison4,50

    Mixed salad with dressing

  • 12Salat BombayA,G5,90

    Mixed salad with different fruits and cheese

  • 13Punjabi SalatA,G6,90

    Mixed salad with chicken strips and indian dressing

Warm starters

  • 21SamosaA,H4,90

    2 pastry filled with peas, potatoes and cashews, in addition salad and dips

  • 22Gobi PakoraA,G3,90

    Cauliflower fried in special dough

  • 23Champignons PakoraA,G3,90

    Mushrooms fried in special dough

  • 24Bengan PakoraA,G3,90

    Aubergines fried in special dough

  • 25Paneer PakoraA,G4,90

    Fresh homemade cream cheese fried in special dough

  • 26Onion BajiA,G3,90

    Onions fried in special dough

  • 27Chicken PakoraA,G5,50

    Chicken breast fillet fried in special dough

  • 28Mix Pakora TellerA,G11,50

    Mixed starter dish with dressing and salad (for 2 persons)

  • 30Mix-Tandoori-PlatteB,G14,90

    Different grilled kinds of meat, chicken, lamb, scampi with cream cheese for 2 persons


  • 220Mix Subji7,90

    Fresh mixed vegetables in curry

  • 221Channa Tofu-Masala7,50

    Chickpeas in spicy curry sauce

  • 222Tofu-Nilgiri9,90

    Tofu in tasty coconut mint sauce with fresh coriander, ginger, green chili, basil and garlic(spicy)

  • 223Aloo-Gobi8,50

    Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with different spices and fresh ginger

  • 224Bhindi Masala9,90

    Lady fingers with fresh ginger, onions and tomatoes

  • 225Tinda Masala9,90

    Indian vegetable with fresh ginger and onions

  • 226Gemüse Kebab9,90

    Vegetable balls in tasty coconut mint basil sauce, slightly spicy with fresh garlic

Vegetarian dishes

All dishes are served with basmati rice

  • 50Butter Paneer Masala11,50

    Homemade cream cheese with chopped onions, tomatoes, fresh herbs and indian spices

  • 51Malai KoftaA,F,G,H,I,J9,50

    Vegetables balls with coconut flakes and nuts

  • 52Champignon CurryA,F,G,H,I,J9,50

    Fresh mushrooms in curry sauce with peas and cream cheese

  • 53Shahi BenganA,F,H,I,J10,50

    Stuffed eggplant with cream cheese and vegetables

  • 54Shahi MirchA,F,G,I10,50

    Stuffed pepper with cream cheese and vegetables in saffron sauce

  • 55Palak PaneerA,G,I11,50

    Spinach with homemade cream cheese

  • 56Shahi PaneerA,F,G,H,I,J11,50

    Indian cream cheese in saffronsauce with raisins, almonds and nuts

  • 57Vegetarischer SpießA,F,I,J11,90

    Curry sauce with mushrooms, pepper, onions, courgette, carrots, eggplant, peas, homemade cream cheese

  • 58Paneer Jhal FreziA,G,H,I11,90

    Homemade cream cheese with ginger, onions, pepper and tomatoes(spicy)

  • 59Dal MakhniA,F,I,J11,90

    Different lentils fried in butter with ginger, onions and tomatoes

  • 60Channa MasalaG9,50

    Chickpeas cooked with potatoes, indian cream cheese and fresh herbs

  • 61Taja SubjiA,F,I,J9,90

    Different vegetables fried with curry sauce

Chicken Dishes

All dishes are served with basmati rice

  • 75Chicken CurryA,G,I,J9,90

    Tender chicken breast filet in indian curry sauce

  • 76Chicken SaagA,G,I,J10,90

    Tender chicken breast fillet with spinach according to North indian style

  • 77Chicken MangoA,G,H,I,J12,50

    Chicken breast fillet with exotic mango-cream sauce

  • 78Chicken Jhal FreziA,G,I,J12,50

    Tender chicken breast fillet with fresh spices and herbs, ginger and vegetables(spicy)

  • 80Chicken ChampignonsA,G,I,J12,90

    Tender chicken breast fillet with fresh mushrooms and curry sauce

  • 81Chicken BombayA,G,I,J12,90

    Tender chicken breast fillet with tomatoes, onions, ginger in exotic pineapple-curry sauce

  • 82Chicken KormaA,G,H,I,J12,90

    Tender chicken breast fillet in almond-cheese-coconut sauce

  • 85Chicken BroccoliA,G,I,J12,90

    Tender chicken breast fillet with broccoli, fresh garlic in cream sauce

  • 86Chicken SubjiA,G,I,J11,90

    Tender chicken breast fillet with fresh vegetables, ginger, curry and fresh herbs

  • 87Chili ChickenA,G,I,J13,90

    Chicken with pepper, onions, green chili, ginger, tomatoes, fresh garlic and basil(spicy)

  • 88Butter ChickenA,G,H,I,J13,90

    Tender grilled chicken in spicy butter-tomato-saffron-almond-cashew sauce

Lamb dishes

All dishes are served with basmati reis

  • 89Lamm BroccoliA,I,J14,90

    Tender lamb fillet with broccoli, fresh garlic in curry sauce

  • 90Lamm SabziA,I,J14,90

    Tender lamb fillet with fresh vegetables, ginger in curry sauce

  • 91Mutton CurryA,I,J14,90

    Tender lamb fillet in indian curry sauce

  • 92Mutton SaagA,I,J14,90

    Tender lamb fillet with spinach according to North indian style

  • 93Mutton MangoA,H,I,J15,90

    Tender lamb fillet with exotic mango-cream sauce

  • 95Mutton Hyderabadi A,I,J15,90

    Fried lamb meat with ginger, onions, fresh garlic and herbs in exotic pineapple-sauce

  • 96Mutton Khumb-WalaA,I,J15,90

    Tender lamb fillet with fresh mushrooms, fresh garlic and herbs in ginger-saffron sauce

  • 97Mutton PunjabiA,G,I16,90

    Fried lamb with ginger, onions, fresh garlic, chili, sauce according to Punjabi style(spicy)

  • 98Mutton NilgiriA,G,H,I16,90

    Tender lamb fillet with fresh herbs, green chili, mint in an oriental sauce with coconut milk(spicy)

Duck dishes

All dishes are served with basmati rice

  • 100Ente MangoA,G,H,I,J14,90

    Crispy duck in exotic mango-cream sauce and mango pieces

  • 101Ente BombayA,G,I,J14,90

    Crispy duck in tasty curry sauce with tomatoes, onions and pineapple

  • 102Ente Jhal Frezi A,G,I,J14,90

    Crispy duck, fresh vegetables with ginger, fresh garlic and herbs(spicy)

  • 103Ente ChampignonsA,G,I,J14,90

    Crispy duck with fresh mushrooms, garlic and saffron-sauce(spicy)

  • 104Ente SubjiA,G,I,J14,90

    Crispy duck with vegetables and fresh herbs

Fish dishes

All dishes are served with basmati rice

  • 110Fisch CurryA,B,D,I,J12,90

    Pollack fillet in curry sauce

  • 111Bombay Fisch CurryA,B,D,I,J13,90

    Pollack fillet with tomatoes, onions, ginger and pineapple in a tasty sauce

  • 112Scampi CurryA,B,I,J15,90

    Peeled scampi in a tasty curry-saffron-sauce and fresh herbs

  • 113Scampi Jhal FreziA,B,I,J15,90

    Peeled prawns with fresh spices and herbs, garlic, ginger and fresh vegetables(spicy)

  • 114Scampi Khumb WalaA,B,I,J15,90

    Peeled prawns, with fresh mushrooms, fresh herbs, garlic and ginger in saffron-sauce

Grill specialities

All dishes are served with basmati rice

  • 64Chicken TandooriA,G,I,J11,90

    24 hours marinated chicken thighs grilled with 21 different spices, pepper, onions, fresh herbs

  • 65Mutton TikkaA,G,I,J16,90

    Grilled lamb meat marinated with pepper, onions, ginger and fresh herbs

  • 66Chicken TikkaA,G,I,J14,90

    Grilled chicken breast fillet with pepper, onions, marinated with yogurt-saffron-sauce and fresh herbs

  • 67Mix-GrillA,B,G,I,J17,90

    Different mixed grilled meat with spices and herbs, pepper, onions and ginger

  • 68Fisch TikkaA,B,D,I,J13,90

    Pollack fillet with spices and herbs, pepper, onions and fresh garlic

  • 69Ente TikkaA,B,D,I,J15,90

    Crispy duck grilled with pepper, onions and fresh herbs

  • 70Scampi TikkaA,B,D,I,J16,90

    Peeled scampi with fresh herbs, pepper, onions, ginger and fresh garlic

  • 71Birbal Chooza KebabA,B,G,I,J14,90

    Grilled chicken breast fillet with pepper, onions, marinated in cheese-cream-sauce, fresh garlic and herbs

  • *Paneer Tikka12,90

    Cream cheese, pepper, onions, marinated with yogurt-saffron, grilled in clay oven

  • *Pudeena chicken cheese Tikka13,90

    Chicken fillet with cream cheese, pepper, onions, marinated in yogurt-min, 6 hours marinated and grilled in clay oven

(All barbecue specialities are prepared in a hot cast iron skillet)

Rice dishes

  • 200Sabzi BiryaniE,G,H,J9,90

    Fried basmati rice with vegetables, nuts and spices

  • 201Chicken BiryaniE,H,J10,50

    Basmati rice with grilled tandoori chicken, vegetables, nuts and spices

  • 202Mutton BiryaniE,H,J11,90

    Basmatirice with tender lamb fillet, vegetables, nuts and spices

  • 203Scampi BiryaniB,E,H,J13,50

    Fried basmati rice with scampi, vegetables, nuts and indian spices

  • 204Unser Spezial-BiryaniE,H,J13,50

    Fried basmati rice with chicken, lamb, scampi, cream cheese and nuts

Children’s Menu

  • 62Shahi ReisG3,90

    Rice pudding with cinnamon and sugar

  • 63Chicken NuggetsA,C5,90

    Chicken nuggets with chips and salad

  • * Little Indian5,90

    Half serving all lunches

  • * Mogli MenüD7,90

    Fish and chips, dessert 2 portions of icecream with smarties


  • Mango eisG4,90

    homemade mangocream with vanilla ice cream and pistachios

  • Gebratene AnanasG4,90

    Pineapple with vanilla icecream and honey-glazed

  • Gebratene BananeG4,90

    banana with vanilla icecream and honey-glazed

  • Indische Süßígkeit4,90

    Please ask the waiter

Bread & Side dishes

  • 41PapadamA0,60

    crunchy bread made of lentils and black pepper

  • 42BhaturaA2,50

    deep fried flat bread

  • 43ChapatiA2,50

    flat bread with wholemeal

  • 47Bratkartoffeln2,90

    fried potatoes

  • 48Pommes Frites2,90


  • 49Kroketten2,90

    (potato) croquettes

  • Paneer Naan TandooriA,C,G3,50

    Naan bread filled with homemade cream cheese

  • Tandoori RotiA,C,G2,50

    wholemeal bread

  • Pudina ParanthaA,C,G2,90

    wholemeal bread with indian butter, fresh mint

  • Peshawari NaanA,C,G3,50

    wheat flour bread with chopped lamb meat

  • Aloo ParanthaA,C,G2,90

    wholemeal bread filled with potatoes

  • 44Naan BrotA2,90

    indian naan bread

  • 45Garlic NaanA3,50

    indian naan bread with garlic

  • 46Käse NaanA,G3,50

    indian naan bread filled with hausemade cream cheese


  • A. enthält glutenhaltige Getreide (Weizen, Roggen, Hafer usw.)
  • B. enthält Krebstiere oder Krebstiererzeugnisse
  • c. enthält Eier oder Eierzeugnisse
  • d. enthält Fisch oder Fischerzeugnisse
  • e. enthält Erdnüsse und Erdnusserzeugnisse
  • f. enthält Soja oder Sojaerzeugnisse
  • g. enthält Milch oder Milcherzeugnisse
  • h. enthält Schalenfrüchte oder deren Erzeugnisse (Mandel, Walnuss, Cashewnüsse, Pistazie usw.)
  • i. enthält Sellerie oder Sellerieerzeugnisse
  • j. enthält Senf oder Senferzeugnisse
  • k. enthält Sesamsamen oder Sesamsamenerzeugnisse
  • l. enthält Schwefeldioxid und Sulfite
  • m. enthält Lupine oder Erzeugnisse daraus
  • n. Weichtiere (Molusken) oder Erzeugnisse daraus


  • 1. Farbstoffe
  • 2. koffeinhaltig
  • 3. chininhaltig
  • 4. Süßungsmittel
  • 5. Stabilisator E414
  • 6. Antioxidationsmittel
  • 7. Milch
  • 8. Honig